DogHouse Swine – Fearless


I have a small area in my heart that belongs to the Punk Rock sound. I often reminisce of my youth and jamming out to Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramone’s. Today’s Punk lacks some of the lifestyle elements that those original Punk bands had. It was truly a lifestyle and, for a meager few, it still is.

Though the technical refinement, along with modern technology, has morphed Punk Rock into a cleaner form of music with less ‘looseness’ (so to speak) – there are still some great outfits that deserve some mass recognition.

Formed in 2009 in the New Jersey/New York area, DogHouse Swine is an example of one of these bands. Following two EP’s and extensive touring, the group may be in line for some real success with their new EP release “Fearless” on, Baltimore based, Manta Ray Records. DogHouse Swine members, Ian, Iron Rich and Debellis have stirred up a hot, spicy blend of arsenic stew with help from, producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Clutch, Foo Fighters, Against Me.)

With the first track, Fearless, I already felt the blistering heat emanating from my JBL’s. The production is massive sounding. Every smash, groove and grind is pure angst with clarity. I was still hearing the final moniker ‘I’ll never sell my soul for you!!’ in my head, after finishing my listening experience. The track Dangerous (also the band’s debut video for the record) is just as ‘in your face’ but it has a real commercial element to the chorus that lifts the song to a different level. And, I love the bass runs. Very Tasty!!

The remaining four songs, Get Some, Knew It All, Born in a Hole, and Out Of Time, take us back to the true Punk roots. I hear a lot of Ramone’s and The Clash in these. In fact, the song, Get Some, really had Time Warp written all over it. For those who may be too young to know, Time Warp is from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The songs are short. The longest stretching to just over 3 minutes, but this is all that is needed to convey their message.

The band is powerful and tight with just enough rawness to keep the flavor bold.

My palate is satisfied.


Rated: 4/5


– Jimmy Caterine

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