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The music classroom is a magical place. The opportunities for creativity and expression are endless. It is a refuge for students in their busy days and a place where they can have the chance to “color outside the lines.” As a musician, teaching in the music classroom can be an incredibly rewarding career, one that has a lasting impact on other lives and can bring you great fulfillment.
Here are six benefits of teaching music.

Helping students understand and learn

Just like in math and science, there are some concepts that can be difficult for students to grasp. While understanding key signatures and dotted rhythms may come easy to you, your students may find them difficult to grasp. You will love the feeling you get as you watch the proverbial light bulb turn on above those students’ heads. There is something exhilarating about hearing your students exclaim, “Oh, now I get it!”

Expanding your own expertise in music

When you are teaching music, you are gaining a better understanding of the concepts you are presenting. You are also hearing new questions from your students that you might never have thought of before, and you are doing your own research to find the answers. You will find that teaching will whet your appetite to continue learning as a student yourself. Some of the most successful music educators obtain post-graduate degrees in order to further their learning. Getting a music degree online will help you to be a better teacher and succeed in your career.

Building meaningful relationships with your students

Music has a way of bringing people together. Students in your classroom will look to you for more than instruction in music. They will look to you for advice and guidance in their everyday life. You can have a great impact on the lives of your students.

Sharing new experiences

A music teacher has the responsibility of introducing new composers and styles of music to their students. They also should give the students the chance to perform in new places and for new audiences. They can teach students to play instruments, sing music in foreign languages, and collaborate with other musicians.

Giving students the opportunity to express themselves

Everyone needs the chance to be creative and share their ideas. The music classroom is the perfect place for people to let down their guard. You can share with them the tools they need to compose and perform, giving them new opportunities to think outside the box.

Being a part of their success

The music teacher’s desire is to see their students grow and excel in their talent and knowledge of music. The greatest part of teaching is seeing your students succeed and knowing that you had a part in that success. When a student thanks you, it makes all the hard work worth it.

Teaching music is a fantastic way to use your degree and there are many benefits. Consider experiencing these benefits first hand and go in to the field of teaching. Whether your expertise is in choir, band, general music or private coaching, there are students that want to hear from you.

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