When you’re at a party that serves alcohol, you might be tempted to have a drink before driving home, or you might have a friend who wants to drink and drive. This is a dangerous situation for the person who wants to drive as there could be an accident involving one or multiple people. There are some ways that you can get the keys away from a friend before they get on the road.

The Sleep Effect

If you notice that your friend is starting to slur words or can’t stand up without stumbling, the best thing to do is try to get him into a bed to go to sleep. Lead the person to a bedroom so that it’s dark, and make sure the person is comfortable. Leave a cell phone near the bed so that he can call someone if he needs help, but try to stay in another room in case he tries to leave while being intoxicated.

Scared Straight

One of the ways that you can keep someone from driving is by scaring them. You can call someone like Boucher Law Firm who can tell the person what might happen if they are caught drinking and driving. Another way is to show the person pictures of accidents involving drunk drivers. This can be a wakeup call for those who are more visual instead of someone telling them not to do something.

Hand Over the Keys

As soon as everyone enters the party, they have to give their keys to the host. The only way that they can get their keys back is if they don’t drink. Those who drink at the party won’t be able to get their keys back until the next day, and they must call someone to come get them or call a taxi.

Moving the Car

Tell your friend that you need to move his car in order for another car to leave. You will have access to the keys, and you will be able to move the car to a safe location until your friend is able to drive. You can also use the tip as a way to drive the person home.

Going To the Store

If you see that your friend has had quite a bit to drink, then take the opportunity to ask for the keys so that you can go to the store. This might be lying to your friend, but he will probably believe that, especially if he thinks you’re getting food or more drinks.

There are several ways that you can make sure your friends don’t drive drunk. Talk to your friends before they drink, and make sure they are clear with your intentions. If they drink too much, then use any means necessary to keep your friend from behind the wheel of the car, even if you have to get a little creative.

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