Last Charge of the Light Horse – Nine Kinds of Happy


I am an avid rock music lover, for a really long while I labeled myself as a ¨Rocker¨ as the one and only genre I will really be mostly into and the other type of music, well, let´s just say I barely paid attention to them – of course, as I grew up and started listening to other music due to my work in a magazine, etc. that slowly started to change and now I consider myself an open mind musician. However, here´s the thing I am pretty sure many reading this will agree with me: Rock music is in a delicate, comatose state – it´s not dead, but in my opinion it has been losing its touch and just like a fierce, brave soldier who enters in depression, it´s no longer what it used to be. So whenever I get the chance to listen a band that doesn´t sound like nothing on both the indie and mainstream radio or media, a light shows up at the end of the tunnel.

Last Charge of the Light Horse new album Nine Kinds of Happy kicks off with ¨This is Where¨ and immediately you hear that very Midwestern guitar riff it hooks you up and no matter what happens next, you are and will always be in love with this band. As that wasn´t not awesome enough, vocalist particular voice reminiscent of Weird Al, Ben Gibbard and even Brian Molko, fits so well with the music. Now, this is not a band that follows the same tempo, a great example is the following track ¨Anyone Else¨ which isn´t as exciting and cool as the previous song but isn´t disappointing neither and it works as a perfect intro for the haunting ¨Slow As You Can¨ reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, it may have a slow tempo but it´s far from being boring and keeps the group in the right track. As you listen through the record, if you don´t help but to fall in love with this band then there´s something REALLY wrong with your head and perhaps you might consider yourself lock in a mental hospital.

The thing that makes this band so interesting it´s that different to other rock band that think in order to be exciting and get behind people´s skin you need to be loud and wild, but there´s everyone make a mistake and this band works as a perfect example of why is that. The music is insane even though you will not hear a single scream from the vocalist and double pedals by the drummer or high pitch 3 minutes solos.
Overall, if you are someone that´s losing its faith in music and the industry, then my recommendation for you is to give a listen to this band and you will see how that will immediately change. This is one of those groups you are not sure why, but they have some special that makes them standout from anything not only from their time but what came before it.

Rating 9.5/10

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by RJ Frometa

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