Gibrish, Single Preview/Review

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Gibrish is off and running with their latest single that features 3 tracks people will definitely be talking about! This Swedish-based band incorporates an array of different musical elements & styles from folk, rock, blues, jazz and pop to fusion, world music, alternative country and soul. Gibrish has got you covered on all levels as the group, their music and their sound cannot and will not be categorized. Band members stated it best calling their style a kind of “Nordic alternative folk combined with the old American songbook and Gibrified Neufolk”. With that being said let the Gibrish begin!

Their new single is in support of their upcoming album titled ‘Gangstertango’ that is expected to be released sometime this year. The three songs included each have their own spoken identity and jabbering feel. The first number is in Swedish and is called “Fel Fot, fel sko!” which in English means “Wrong foot in the wrong shoe!”. This number is chalk-full of fun-spirited energy that moves along at a fairly quick pace. It is primarily an instrumental piece and is a fan favorite at live Gibrish shows that will be sure to keep you moving in a Gibrified fashion. The second track, “Dahlia meets bird petite”, features a reoccurring character named Dahlia that has a slowed-down tempo and is much more intimate-sounding. Gibrish adds in gritty and raspy vocals that tell a story and invite the listener in to Dahlia’s world. The final installment on this single is titled “Talk Gibrish” that talks the talk and walks the walk with one fast-moving rhythm that will have you clapping, dancing and stepping along to this Swedish sensation.

Be on the lookout for Gibrish as they plan to travel to the U.S. and England and include more English lyrics for their songs to attract a larger international audience. And the new record due out this year, ‘Gangstertango’, will more than likely be released in English also. You can check out more about this Gibrified bunch on their website, Like them on Facebook or maybe even be lucky enough to witness this band live and in person. Either way let’s just talk Gibrish…shall we?

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