Planning your perfect wedding playlist could be easy or it could be difficult. This post will hopefully be able to help make it at least a little bit easier. The difficulties come from making sure that both the bride and the groom will hear some music that they like. A wedding playlist can cross musical genres all it wants, but the couple dancing to the music at their wedding reception need to be in approval of every song that plays. Your wedding music is just as important as your wedding venue.

Your Song

The first song you want to make sure you get on the playlist is “your song.” Every couple has at least one song that defines their relationship and warms their hearts for one another any time it plays. Make sure this song, and any others that make you love each other more, is on the list.

Make sure you have a mixture of music for different ages. You want something that everyone will enjoy.

Look at Length and More

There are a few things to consider when picking songs for the wedding playlist. You don’t want really long songs on the list. Try to keep them all around the same length. Create a mixture of slow and fast songs. You don’t want to have five slow songs in a row. Break them up some, like three fast, two slow, and so on.

If there are lots of young ears at your wedding try to pick music that is child friendly, both in lyrics and in the dances it may provoke guests to participate in (no little kid needs to see grinding, twerkin or dirty dancing at a family wedding reception).

Where to List It

Gone are the days of burning music to compact discs. You don’t even need to hire a DJ anymore. With all of the streaming music players around you can easily set up your own playlist, right in the order you want to hear your favorite songs. Or you can even set it on random and be surprised (although this could mean three slow songs in a row). Both iTunes and Spotify make great wedding song players.

Having the Right Equipment

You’ll still need speakers that can play your tunes to the guests. You don’t have to spend a lot on these either. You can rent an amplification system that will get your music heard, or you can purchase a decent set of speakers for your computer.

Creating your own music playlist can be a much cheaper alternative than hiring a DJ, and the fact that you put that extra effort in will make it an even better experience and a more special wedding for both of you.

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