Taking care of a neglected or mistreated dog can be a noble service. Just because a dog doesn’t have a good owner or has been abandoned by its owner doesn’t mean that a dog can’t find a new home that will have a new loving owner.

There are two obvious choices for you if you want to rescue such a dog and nurse it back to a healthier lifestyle.

The first option would be to take it in for professional care. A highly recommended website to check out is and your second option would be to take care of the dog by yourself.

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Below are some things that you would have to do in order to nurse a mistreated or abandoned dog back to health.

1 . Research on how to care for the dog
Go online and do some research on the specific breed of dog that you have rescued, it could have some peculiarities that are specific to the particular dogs breed.

2. See a veterinarian
Taking the dog to the vet is important. The vet will be able to diagnose any health issues with the dog, get it vaccinated if necessary and give you any necessary information to nurse the dog back to good health. Giving the dog a good bath to clean it as well as get rid of parasites will also be necessary for the vet to do.

3. Grooming
Shaving the dog may be a necessary thing to do especially if the dog’s hair is matted. The dog may not be very receptive of this idea so you could gently use a pair of scissors to do some trimming. Be sure that the dog’s hair will grow quickly enough, so cutting the dogs hair shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Feed the dog
A dog that has been abandoned and mistreated is most likely a dog whose owner has not fed it well. However, before you go ahead and give the dog lots of food, you should:

•Ask the vet for the best feeding schedule for the dog is important because if you give it too much food and it has a distended stomach area, the food could cause twisting of the intestines and this could kill the dog.
•You should also feed the dog in small portions so that it paces the eating as opposed to gulping a lot of food at once.

5. Let the dog rest
After all the anguish that the dog has gone through before it came into your care and also after taking it through grooming, the vet and probably medication, the dog will need to rest. Giving the dog some deserved rest by letting it sleep will be very important.

6. Play with the dog and give it some TLC
Playing with the dog is good for its body because it is important exercise for the dog’s health. It is also a great way to let the dog feel that it is loved and this can go a long way to make the dog feel relaxed and at peace.

7.Train it
Training the dog has two benefits. For one, it is a great way to form a bond with the dog and secondly training the dog will exercise its mind which can be just as important as exercising its body.

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Tracy Rich is a veterinarian with 10 years of experience on the job. She highly recommends as the best option for dog owners who need to treat their dogs and give them some deserved TLC. Visit her website for more information.

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