Nelson Rudiak – Winnipegosis


Nelson Rudiak’s “Winnipegosis” heralds the spring with its lively saxophones. Full of heart and full of live the songs come out swinging. The variety of sounds is startling: the songs go from bagpipes to funk to jazz and everywhere in between. Completely instrumental these are songs of hope that do not need to say a thing. Rhythms are jaunty as they are accompanied by skittering, playful keyboards. Lots and lots of grooves settle allowing the entire album to glide by gracefully. Unity is of the utmost importance as the songs play off of each other’s level of energy.

The aptly named “BBQ Boogie” opens up the album with full force. Synthesizers edge their way into the rather active mix. For “Godzilla Sings the Blues” they put the heat on the saxophones as they go for a slinky night-late vibe. Opening up with polychromatic percussion is the dreamy “What’s the Catch”. With a light touch the band displays their ability to listen to each other as solos seem to be de-emphasized for group play instead. Almost ambient is “You Not You” who is heavily punctuated by the strong elegant synthesizer work. Jumpy in tone is the animated “Nothing Up My Sleeve”. Ending the album off on a strong note is the album highlight and title track “Winnipegosis”. Optimistic in tone the song combines mellowed out grooves with spacy guitar work bringing the whole thing to a wonderful close.

“Winnipegosis” is a delightful collection of jazz brought into the modern age.

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