Messengers of Compassion – Just to be With You


About: “Our song is about love. Love in a broad sense of care for another and attitude of friendship towards the world. By “You” we understand every person. You can live with your soulmate, but to be open to anyone else who is open to you; you are not hostile to anyone just because they don’t share your values. In short, this song is mostly about tolerance, acceptance, compassion. We apologize for an amateur vocals, we were focusing on a message.” – Messengers of Compassion

Review: Just to be With You is a beautiful expressive piece of music. Intricate the piece evolves with a cinematic grace. Light on its feet the song recalls Sébastien Tellier’s level of imaginative work. Melodically the piece blooms forth increasing in terms of intensity and brightness. Vocals possess a pained distant feeling, the desire to be with their beloved. The music has an intimacy to it that plays off of this expression to be closer. Usage of the electronic flourishes helps to fully highlight this fact as it explore variations on the original theme, filtering it throughout a veritable gamut of sounds.


Beginning with such small sounds the fragility of the song is obvious. With each additional layer of sound the song grows in terms of confidence. The lyrics reveal a sense of vulnerability at first. A fast-paced beat adds an additional dance-inspired mood on top of the original classical leanings. Nor does the song ever truly lose its delicate gentle origins. However many reiterations the song goes through the intent remains clear. With the passage of time the song takes on additional electronic elements including higher and higher pitched synthesizer elements working along the initial piano work.

Doves of Peace: “NO MORE WARS, PLEASE!!!”

For the final third of the song the song reaches a fevered pitch. Upon its eventual climax it begins to tamper off returning to the quieter impulses from which it began, thus being relatively cyclical in nature. “Just to be With You” is a song of pining for love.

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