Shaded Glitch – Lost in a Labyrinth


Shaded Glitch’s “Lost in a Labyrinth” begs to be played as loud as possible. Dance music has rarely sounded this uninhibited. With massive everything (bass, beat, distortion) the songs are a pure rush of energy. This is pure uncut party music. Vocals in the mix help to add to this overall feeling of decadence. Everything within “Lost in a Labyrinth” is meant for the absolute highest level of being as pumped up as possible. With an economical approach to song craft these are songs that pull no punches and go right for the physical.

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The aptly named “Dance Commander” opens with an Amen break before launching into a full dominating sound. Lyrics add to this overall sense of blurred late night extravagance. Following up on this is the equally hyperactive “Turn It Up”. Distortion reigns supreme on the flirtatious sounds of “Creature of the Night”. Bringing the volume down a notch is the introspective “Addiction” whose lyrics give off a sense of romance. With “No Love” Shaded Glitch moves further along this path of relatively subdued tempos letting the song take on a trance-pop aspect to it. “I Dub Thee” explores dub territory with great enthusiasm letting the song alternate between a rave-up and dropped bass. By far the highlight of the collection is the rush of “Rebel (Highway II Heaven)” whose frantic energy is undeniable.


“Lost in a Labyrinth” shows the power of the rave-up as these piece positively sparkle and shine.

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