Oshy feat. Ron Browz – Whatz Up


“Whatz Up” is RNB down to an absolute science. Everything syncs up perfectly: from the crystal-clear production to the smooth vocals. Rhythms are infectious the melodies glistening and overall there is a true sense of comfort within the track. The bass hits in all the right ways helping to solidify the track’s slow-moving groove. By letting the lyrics take on a relatively flirtatious demeanor the song explores the lust of the singer. For lust is a particularly strong emotion one that can often consume the interest of another.

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/fatma-kara/oshy-ft-ron-browz-whatz-up-2014

Opening the track up is an elastic beat that begins almost immediately. From there the scene is set. The narrative begins with the singer remarking on the night and how his lost his concentration for the night. Heavy synthesizers enter into the mix keeping the song relatively bouncing. Various other sounds enter into the mix to further heighten the sense of desire, to show exactly how serious things are becoming. Observations focus on whether or not his feelings will be returned. He even wonders aloud whether or not the apple of his eye is fucking with him. Eventually for the final moments of the song the confidence emerges out of this self-doubt. Then it becomes obvious that the person is aware of their feelings but still needs to know what is up.


Together they are able to focus on the pains of starting a conversation, of knowing another person’s intentions, and how to navigate those intentions at night.


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