Musicians undoubtedly have a gift all their own: a wonderful skill and talent that the world needs to see. But being successful in the music industry, whether you are a classical singer or classical pianist in London, a punk rock band in Manchester, a techno deejay in Ibiza, or an orchestra in Vienna, is not an easy matter. With all the talented individuals out there, there will always be competition.

But once you have made a mark in the industry, you need to take pains in order to keep your fame and influence. One of the best ways in which to seal your success and popularity is by releasing a live concert album. Live concert albums have their own unique appeal, as viewers can really see and witness your musical talent first-hand. And if you are thinking of creating your own live concert album, there are certain things you can do in order to give its popularity a boost.

Launching your live concert album: a timeline

Well-thought-out planning is essential for any music album, be it a live concert one or one that has been recorded in a studio. But to increase the chances of a successful album launch, there is a set timeline that you should follow, outlined below:

2 months prior to the launch
One way to increase anticipation for your album is to release a particular single two months prior to your scheduled launch. This way, your fans can get a sample of what is in store for them when they purchase your album. Releasing a single is also a good way to get some attention and publicity from the press. What you can do from the beginning is partner with a web video production London company that can record your entire concert and then help you edit, tweak, and release a chosen single before the launch.

1 month prior to the launch
A month before the launch is the perfect time to delve into a full press campaign for your album. You can make it known that there will be pre-selling for the album through a newsletter and through social media, newspaper or magazine advertisements, interviews, and the like. For a more successful campaign, you could enlist the services of a PR firm that will handle all your press releases and other publicity strategies.

2 weeks prior to the launch
Two weeks prior to the launch of your live concert album is also a good time to keep the flame burning by promoting a competition or contest with prizes such as a copy of the album with an autograph, or special passes or tickets to the actual launch.

The day of the launch
When the day of the launch arrives, make sure to post an announcement of it on your official site online and your Facebook and Twitter or other social media pages, if any. Do not forget to include a link to the official announcement that points your fans to where they can purchase your album.

Having a successful career as a musician involves commitment and dedication, as we all know. But it also involves the right knowledge and sales and marketing expertise – and with this combination, your music has a better chance of being heard by a broader audience.

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