Becoming Picasso 5 Ways to Bring Out Your Artistic Side_phixr

Contrary to popular belief, artists aren’t always full of life and zeal. They can get stuck, bored, and uninspired just as much as anyone else. If you’re experiencing these sensations yourself, here are just five ways to break free of apathy and unleash your creativity in brand new ways.

1. Know Thyself

Where does inspiration usually strike? What tunes really get you in the mood? Make yourself a studio that highlights or incorporates everything you love. For example, you might move your easel to the garage where you can blare your metal music as loud as you want, or you might knock out a wall for more room to breathe in a room that’s too small.

2. Go Back to School

Art education programs are a great way to light a fire under your creative side. Not only will you be exposed to ideas and methods that you’ve never even heard of, but you’ll also learn all about the masters of the past and how to recognize, analyze and even utilize their techniques. Who says you can’t learn creativity in a classroom?

3. Play Inventive Games

If you’re stuck in a rut, make yourself think outside the box until the ideas start flowing again. For instance, you might challenge yourself to draw something upside-down or to paint only the red objects in the room. By forcing your brain to work in unexpected ways, you’ll break the patterns of thinking that plateaued you in the first place.

4. Don’t Let Ideas Slip Away

The average person has dozens of ideas a day, but most of them are forgotten or ignored in the general chaos of life. By having a tablet, sketchpad or even just a notepad on your person at all times, you’ll be able to scribble down your thoughts as they form and create something meaningful out of them when you have the time.

5. Try New Things

This may sound obvious, but walking down the same street every day isn’t doing a thing for your imagination. Take detours during your daily commute; try new foods at new restaurants; pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. You never know when a fun and exciting experience will be the catalyst for a masterpiece!

These are just five ways to free yourself from artistic despair. Even if it’s been years since you’ve picked up a paintbrush, it’s never too late to get back in the groove, and these tips will have you jiving in no time.

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