KING – Imperial Majesty (feat. The Band of the Hawk)


“Imperial Majesty” is all about being smooth: smooth flows and smooth samples. KING has impeccable taste in how each song is arranged. As KING states in “Bulletproof Wallet”: It’s that smooth shit right here. The number of references thrown into the mix is incredible. Kaleidoscopic at times it is an incredible assortment showing off KING’s knowledge of those to pay tribute to while moving the sound forward into the future. Handling the pieces this way allows the songs sparkle and shine.

KING “Crabs”

Opening up with “Intro” the samples bounce around right down as KING references Steely Dan and Gil Scott-Heron. This nicely introduces the kind of style used throughout the album: 70s samples seem to be preferred, the more idyllic the better. “Pyramid Writing” continues this theme with a rather triumphant feel. For the more surreal work there is the acid-treated sample of “Dreamin”. Shadows return on the dark “Bank Robbaz” as the song’s rhythm matches the chaotic narrative. Moving into delightfully playful territory is the celebratory “Tape Rock” which is one of the wilder pieces on the collection. By far the highlight is the aforementioned “Bulletproof Wallet” where everything on the song syncs up perfectly. Ending things off on strong note is the powerful “Worm 50”.

The charm of “Imperial Majesty” rests with the ability of KING to develop mood and tell a story. This placed alongside a careful selection of samples makes it a truly enjoyable experience.

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