Today is the day that most Americans make resolutions – they resolve to make changes in their lives. Some want to loose weight, others want to start a business or spend more time with their families. This year – if you want to do any of those things – try being “present” first.

Numerous recent studies and articles published in scientific journals ( have shown the correlation between being present (or the practice of mindfulness) and improvement in lifestyle and health. For example, the practice of mindfulness significantly helps both mental and physical health, improves concentration, reduces stress, lower blood pressure and contributes to overall wellbeing.

To help achieve this, Sam J. Shelley has created The 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge. Shelley says he wants to help Americans slow down, connect to their intuition, get clarity and achieve their dreams.

“We’re all so busy all the time we barely even notice when we’re going off track,” says Shelley. “The true key to achieving your goals is to just slow down and notice details, breathe and enjoy the beauty that already exists in every moment. It’s something everyone can do to get where they want to go.”

To help American’s do this, Shelley has created a 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge. It’s literally a step-by-step guide and exercises to help people integrate the practices of mindfulness and meditation into their daily routine. Over the 30-days, they’ll receive an e-mail every day designed to create positive habits, allowing them to thrive.

Click on this link ( to sign up and start your 30-Day Challenge.

In his new book released this month, author Sam J. Shelley outlines his journey from a hospital bed to symptom-free and drug-free living. In just 18-months, Sam went from suicidal to loving life in a way he never dreamed possible by taking this challenge one day, one breath at a time. In I Don’t Dwell, (ISBN# 978-1-938257-80-3) published by Jupiter Gardens Press, Sam shares his experiences and his dream of getting off medication and into living his life once again – and in the process, offers a program to help others do the same.

Sam’s story starts as a young boy when, hit by a fast-moving van, he spent several months in the hospital and several more at home rehabbing and getting his strength back. Soon after, he suffered an anxiety attack which began his spiral into chronic anxiety, catastrophic thinking and depression. In his early 20’s, Sam was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and by 37, he suffered the worst migraine of his life and was diagnosed – and quickly hospitalized – with multiple sclerosis. His body deteriorated rapidly, quickly turning Sam into a virtual invalid, requiring a cane to walk, bladder issues, vision issues, reduced coordination on the left side of his body, near constant medical attention and all told, 13 prescriptions just to survive each day.

With the view ahead being the prospect of life as a disabled person, he launched a long journey of discovery, determination and the awareness that his thoughts, his mind was creating havoc with his body. What happens next is nothing short of a healing miracle.

“With my health issues, suffering was a way of life. Then, one day things suddenly changed, and my health was miraculously restored. The medical community calls it a spontaneous healing. And over the course of eighteen months I made a full recovery from the trauma I suffered from the various diseases. I am no longer disabled, have no health issues and take no medicine.

Writing about the healing and the recovery process provided clarity on how the health transformation happened. I made some deep insights about myself that I share within the book.”

Sam is now the founder of Don’t Dwell, a practice in Warminster, PA dedicated to healing and life transformation through mindset and shift in awareness. He speaks nationally and offers group and individual healing programs for those interested in shifting their lives.

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