Dr Wippit – For Everyone


“For Everyone” is full of raw grit and true energy. Dr Wippit uses a funky sensibility throughout the songs. By letting the rhythm serve as the focal point of the songs he is able to incorporate other elements into the song: from a low-key psychedelic tinge to a dreamy vocal delivery. The combination of these styles results in songs that are truly unique. Halfway between retro leanings and a focus on the future of rock makes it an outstanding piece of work.

Audio: http://drwippit.com/for-everyone

The title track “For Everyone” opens the collection on a high note. Bursting out of the gate the song’s lyrics highlight the anxiety that comes with thinking about societal norms and how to change them. Continuing on this dark note is the industrial edge of “Yup”. With a persistent claustrophobic rhythm it eventually releases this taut rhythm to reveal a relief of sorts. “Paying for Lessons” serves as a calmer piece within Dr Wippit’s sonic universe. The bass line is the anchor of the song as everything follows that same sensibility. Melodically the song is one of the sweeter songs. It focuses on self-improvement and does so in a reasoned thoughtful manner. Ending things off on a comfortable groove is the summery “Swimming”. Full of light and optimism the song slows the collection’s evolution from the darkness to the light.

Dr Wippit does quite a bit throughout “For Everyone”. By maintaining a clear sense of purpose reflected in both the lyrics and the instrumentation itself, “For Everyone” is a clear concise collection.


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