DF3 – “Tell Me”


Synth-pop band DF3 have just released their debut single into the world and it’s a hot one; “Tell Me” is a flawless production through and through, showing real promise for this 3 piece band for the future to come. With its slow and steady pulse and driving chorus, this song is both a throwback in sound, but also a real standout in comparison to what’s currently out there.

“Tell Me” Audio Video

Thinking of how bands like The Postal Service were able to sneak in even a Phil Collins cover with their rendition of “Against All Odds;” modern-day electro bands have plenty to be thankful for; those 80’s synth-pop bands paved the way for the sounds we often fall in love with today. With “Tell Me,” it sounds to me like DF3 aren’t so much trying to update the sound as they are attempting to bring a classic sound we all know, love and relate to back to the forefront. And judging from the quality of “Tell Me,” there’s a very good chance they could pull that off.

This engaging, emotionally-infused pop track has melody, flow and a very rhythmic groove. It has that familiarity and pulse you feel in songs like “Every Breath You Take,” by The Police; but there’s no evidence of any kind of imitation or copying here in DF3. They’ve managed to incorporate their influences perfectly into their sound in such a way that you can clearly hear they both love AND live out their music every moment they have their eyes open. “Tell Me,” has style, perfect production and crystal clear melodies and definitely has me excited about their future to come. With their fan-base already in the tens-of-thousands rampantly supporting their energetic and exciting new single, you kind of have to wonder when you hear a track like this…it’s such a radical departure from a lot of what’s out there, but such a comfortable place we love, timeless in our music’s history…

…it makes me wonder if I’m not listening to the type of band whose quality of music, passion and determination might just be strong enough to change the entire landscape of music all over again…we just might be.

Find out more about DF3 here at their official page.


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