Michal Rudas – Whisper


“Whisper” is a catchy affectionate piece of pop. Everything about it glimmers with optimism. Michal Rudas works wonders in neatly embodying the joys of being in a loving relationship. The strong melody and attention to detail help to highlight its general sense of overall comfort. A strong beat helps to carry and propel the track forward. Elements of the sound are particularly lush, the hand claps, the percussive elements, and the keyboard flourishes. Brought together the overriding sense is one of tenderness. This loveliness helps the track to truly excel at its many goals.


Opening up with a drum introduction Michal’s voice immediately becomes the focal point. His emotive voice is remarkably clear. Structurally sound the piece moves quite quickly. Melodically rich the song feels incredibly welcoming. Nicely Michal Rudas strips the song down to its absolute essentials halfway through the piece. By removing all the extraneous details the listener is left only with his calm reassuring voice and ability to carry the listener through the latter half of the piece. Upon completion of this tender moment the piece moves up a few pitches. Small touches reflect the song’s movement as it appears to grow ever airier. Drumming increases signaling the song’s crescendo. Production is particularly fine in bringing the song to its natural conclusion. When it finally ends it is with everything reaching a fevered pitch of sorts, an abrupt yet fitting end.

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Delicate, precise, and pristine, “Whisper” is a downright lovely piece of pop perfection.




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