Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Misty Edwards will release her newest and 4th studio album, Little Bird, from Forerunner Music available Dec. 29 through digital and retail outlets everywhere.

With the brand new solo release of Little Bird, which comes on the heels of last year’s critically lauded long player Only a Shadow, indie-alternative antidote to today’s realm of pop/rock music, Misty Edwards, offers something entirely new with one of her most personal albums to date. Little Bird exudes the genre-bending sensibilities of modern day tastemaker Lorde and vocal stylings of timeless sirens like Tori Amos or Fiona Apple, while creating a distinctive, vocally dynamic and lyrically thought-provoking blend, all underscoring the frailty of life.

Though the tunes more than speak for themselves, some definite highlights include the xylophone and marimba-flanked title track, which comes from the clever, wisdom-bearing perspective of Misty as a young adult writing a letter to herself as a little girl. The first official music video from the album features “Little Bird” and can be seen at

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