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All About That Bass is a playful optimistic piece of pop. Naomi uses the song structure as yet another aspect for her lyrics to bounce off of creating a whirlwind of exuberant joy. Her positive outlook on childhood helps to highlight the overall sense of happiness that radiates from the piece whether it is about her being nine years old, anxiety about studying, being an actress on the Disney Channel, or even her mother. Such lyrics can only be told and delivered genuinely from someone like Naomi.

“All About That Bass” Cover

It being a song about all that that bass of course the bass features prominently within the song. Finishing touches on the song include the elastic rhythm, the hand claps, and the horns that help to anchor much of the song. Samples are displayed throughout the piece from guitar riffs to piano to even what sounds like a dog bark. Everything works to create a coherent whole of a track. Naomi’s voice helps to give the song a low-key feeling of comfort. Repetition works wonders to help the song to move forward. With a bubblegum aspect to it the song has a sugary feeling. The narrative Naomi creates describes what it means to be an ambitious nine year old in the world.

Towards the end the song begins to gradually unwind until it transforms into an easy loop. The carefree attitude guides the song towards its gentle conclusion. Naomi’s All About That Bass proves that the simple pleasures in life are the best.

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