Atmospheric indie rockers The Attic Ends announce the release of their official music video for “The Heat Is Hell”, which Culture Collide describes as “…uplifting.”

The band formed in 2010 when Samantha Rex (lead vocals), Jan Christiansen (keyboard), Pete Hur (guitar) and Bob King (drums) met in New York and began writing music together. The quartet released their debut six song EP in 2010, followed by their full length album Home, which was released in December 2010 at a sold out show at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. By 2012, the band released a two-part EP. Part One: The Sky Begins landed the band an in-studio performance on Fox Network’s “Good Day New York” and a headlining performance at The Highline Ballroom. The band celebrated the release of the second EP, Part Two: Mark of the Moon, with a headlining performance at New York’s Bowery Ballroom that raised over a thousand dollars for the CARE Women’s Initiative.

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