Somewhere between your campfire and where the tide meets the sand is where Seagulls makes its home.

Secluded in a West Virginia cabin, Seagulls recorded their debut LP, Great Pine, due to be released on February 3rd 2015. From rich vocal harmonies to lush string arrangements, Great Pine’s airtight folk songs are fully formed but never forced. It’s tough to make music so easy.

On Great Pine, boardwalk brooding and glitchy 8-bit textures coexist among an expansive sandbar of nostalgia that runs from picking through your dad’s record collection and hearing Pet Sounds for the first time, to hanging out in your older cousin’s basement and losing to him in Nintendo. But Great Pine is not a revivalist project, and songwriter Matt Whittle lists as many modern influences as retro ones, from Grandaddy to Grizzly Bear. When Seagulls looks to the past, it looks less for inspiration than simply because looking back just feels good.

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