Out this week on Brooklyn late-night label Safer At Night (Total Fitness, Curses, DKDS), NYC techno producer/DJ Total Fitness returns with his sophomore EP, Halls of Eden, hidden in a veil of mystery and intrigue.

The EP’s A Side, Halls of Eden, takes a journey down the rabbit hole with intricate percussion and his signature swirling synths. Nocturnal atmospheres blend with pulsing bass and hypnotic arpeggios. The B Side, Moments Us, builds with anticipation. Glimmering bells float over the track under a dark bass with a pulsating 808 driving the track forwards. In Safer at Night tradition, the final track is an ambient track, Eden at Night, which closes the mood of this slow-burning release. Synths pluck and flicker, drawing you deep into the nocturnal Eden.

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