New York native, Los Angeles convert, citizen of the milky way galaxy; Yaarrohs creates Ethereal Electronic Pop music textured with moody vocal layers and intimate storytelling. Produced and directed by Yaarrohs and Matthew F. Smith, the ‘Wrestle’ video channels all the raw emotion and delicacy of her airy vocals into a visual medium.

As Yaarrohs stands bare before us, we feel the chagrin sentiments of Yaarrohs words, and are immediately enamored by her courageous bearing of the soul. To Yaarrohs, the song references the primal emotions of love and loss. Since the video’s release, it has racked up over 65,000 views in 24 hours. Her debut EP, Flesh & Blood, is receiving unprecedented buzz, currently tallying 200,000 listens since it’s release via Soundcloud, and receiving support from MTV Iggy, Death + Taxes, Nest HQ, Hype Machine, Beatport, and more.

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