Eight Things Every Engineer Major is Tired of Hearing_phixr

As you enter your secondary education, you may notice people tend to judge others based on their college major. Often it can describe a bit about their personality and how they plan to spend the next four years. And while all stereotypes are based in some fact, it can get annoying to be bunched where you don’t want to be. Here are eight things every engineering major gets sick of hearing.

No Social Skills
Many people tend to misjudge engineer majors. It may seem they have no social skills, however just because you chose a difficult field doesn’t mean your social life is on the back burner. Engineering majors are usually more focused on their futures and solving that next problem but when they do go out, they go ALL out and can party with the best of them. You just won’t see them out doing this every night of the week.

Feminine Touch
Most engineering majors are aware there are very few women in their classes. It can get annoying for either gender to have to nod along every time someone points it out. Hopefully with the push for more STEM classes in elementary the engineering studies will have a more diverse population in future, for now, we’ll make do.

Extra Credit
Engineering majors are used to hearing that their courses offer absolutely no extra credit during the semester. Engineer classes are some of the hardest you can take, so it seems unfair that general education courses offer plenty of extra credit or classes that seem way easier than engineering classes.

Significant Figures
Only science, math, and of course engineering majors will ever need to worry about the words significant figures. When you hear this phrase you know eventually and exam will be coming up, and while other courses might offer an analysis type answer, these exams deal with one fact or figure. You really have to know your stuff!

Buried in Books
The average engineering major spends 18.5 hours studying compared to other majors with just 14.6 hours with the books. It might be time consuming, but getting your degree will be worth it in the end, you just have to endure these cliché jibes every now and then.

Drop Out Rates
Another thing an engineering majors really hate is when others inform them of the dropout rate stats. Oh, you’re getting an Ohio University masters degree in civil engineering? Did you know only about a third make it through? Yeah, it’s tough, but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.

So You Can Fix This Right?
Maybe once in a while you’re known as the dorm handyman, but your major certainly doesn’t need to broadcast it for you. Yes, I’m in engineering. No, I have no idea how to repair your laptop.

Maybe a majority of engineers are on the geeky side but not all of them. Give an engineer major a chance…you might just be surprised!

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