Hello there good people on this TGIF. Does it get any better?! So before we begin I have a message for all young women out there. A real man should never judge you on the size of your ass. I hope all parents out there explain to their kids that true talent is not through your behind, CLICK HERE! There is a new hip hop competition out there offering $100K to the winner. The show will travel through Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Louisville, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many other cities in search for raw talent – Big news out of the PR world this week as Billboard announced this morning that marketing and promotion powerhouse The Syndicate has acquired boutique PR & Artist Development agency Tijuana Gift Shop and is absorbing the company’s roster and staff. TGS principal Jeff Kilgour will become VP of PR and Artist Development at The Syndicate and brings over an eclectic roster including The Revivalists, Faded Paper Figures, Elizabeth & The Catapult, The Dead Daisies, Mia Dyson and more. Now lets get to the music. I have been so excited to have this one-man music machine named El West on today. His music is right up my alley and he has an awesome 4 song EP ‘Glass key’ out now which is hard to shut off. Join us this weekend as El West speaks on his Halloween night tradition, forming El west and his sound, everyday life, and so much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what are your plans for Halloween on Friday night?

I’m hanging out in my house currently and relaxing a little after a busy day. On Halloween, I plan on sitting outside, passing out candy and watching Night of the Living Dead with my brothers. It’s become a tradition.

Stoli: How did you get into making music and did your friends & family support you?

I have been singing since I was five. I wasn’t really good at spelling or math but always excelled at music. I was always a big ham and always wanted to be the loudest person possible. My mom always supported me in performing. I would even sing for my grandma’s friends when I was little.

Stoli: What is the meaning behind the name, El West?

I loved how the words sounded together. I feel that the word “El” is a powerful word, a powerful symbol. West represents where I come from. The name is a symbol of where I come from.

Stoli: I really like the simplicity to your website, What was the strategy behind keeping it simple & Clean for the fans?

I am a person that loves classic simplicity and cutting edge design. Simple images make powerful statements.

Stoli: Your EP ‘Glass key’ is out. How long were you writing & recording these songs and how has the response been?

Listen –

The first song, Blaheta, took me a few days to write. I was going through a lot in my life at that point and my friend Doug Blaheta really helped me out with everything. All of the other songs were floating around my head for about a year. It didn’t take long to record, but it makes the process easier and more exciting when you have a producer like Jack Howell of Willo Disc. He’s amazing to work with. The response has been very positive! It gets me very excited to finish the next recordings that we’re doing.

Stoli: I love your song “Old New.” What does the songwriting for that song mean to you?

To me, the song is about complacency and how we stop ourselves from progressing in life.

Stoli: Do you pursue music full time or do you also have work/school/family to attend to as well?

I have a job, I have a dog, I have a fiancé. I’m usually juggling a lot of stuff, but if I didn’t have music, I wouldn’t have anything.

Stoli: It looks like music lovers are streaming music now more than buying downloads. Does that concern you and what do you prefer?

It doesn’t concern me. I think the true music lovers will buy music anyway. You see the insurgence of record collections and I think that will be a major marketplace in the next few years. I feel that streaming has become a marketing tool and I have embraced it.

Stoli: What is coming up for El West and where you @ online?

We have a new EP coming out soon, a new video in the works and lots of new songs. Lots of “new.” If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@elwestmusic), you’ll get all of the news updates.

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