Say goodbye to distracting tangled cords and earbuds that won’t stay put. Get fuss-free movement in your day-to-day world with Budstraps—the innovative new way to keep earbuds (and frustration) in place.

In a twist from typical Kickstarter videos their explanation of BudStraps is entirely visual. This 90 second video has less than 15 seconds of product talk, but not a single word explains what the product does. The pop video makes it impossible to walk away without a perfect understanding of what BudStraps does.

BudStraps is an amazing new tool which allows you to simply clip your earbuds around your neck and go. A lightweight neoprene strap that sits comfortably on the back of the neck, Budstraps are ideal for runners, bikers and drivers that need one ear open for optimum safety, but don’t want the hassle of a dangling bud or tangled cord. Simply clip those favorite earbuds into the strap and instantly simplify any run, ride, walk, workout or gaming session. With Budstraps, you’re free to clip, go and forget about those buds. If a bud falls out, it’s kept close and easily retrievable rather than falling the full length of the cord and often-times taking its companion earbud with it. Budstraps are designed to empower, providing confidence and uninterrupted focus on what’s important…a distraction-free run, ride or workout!

Made of super soft nylon-coated neoprene, Budstraps wash easily with soap and water and come in a variety of colors to suit any taste or mood. Plus, because Budstraps make earbuds so easily accessible and safer to use, the need for tucking cords into shirts and bras is gone, and the days of popped earbuds hitting the dirty ground are a thing of the past.

A former builder of Hollywood props, sets and models, Budstraps creator Bill Woodward is no stranger to great design. With inspiration for creating Budstraps stemming out of his own struggles with unruly earphone cords, Bill set out to solve three basic needs: eliminate tangles, prevent the accidental yanking out of earbuds, and the ability to keep earbuds close if they are removed temporarily. Now, with the valuable input and guidance of Bill’s friend, Jared Green, BudStraps has become a remarkable and sought after new product that accomplishes those original needs and more.

Support Earbuds, Support Convenience, Support Safety! This ingenious tool launches on Kickstarter.com this Monday, November 17, and now is your chance to get in on the action. Those who help back BudStraps will get the product before anyone else, and at a special price. The funding BudStraps receives will go to purchase an injection mold for the BudStraps clips and to help design a lighter sweat-resistant neck band.


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