Jude Gwynaire, New York Ghosts


Jude Gwynaire’s music is other worldly, fascinating, engaging, challenging, and altogether mysterious. Time to get lost in space…

Track URL: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/judegwynaire67

On ‘New York Ghosts’, Jude Gwynaire has created a sublime soundscape which is peppered with infectious drum beats, nervous sounding guitar riffs, and sliced up vocal samples that create a strange mixture of anxiety and dreamy wonder. If anything, it’s the sheer laid back, easy going vibe that runs through the track that makes it so compelling and listenable. In many ways there are parts of the track that feel inspired by classic Death In Vegas tunes, most notably in the way that the same tropes and samples are used repetitively, but in a similar way to The Field’s work, which lets the music go round and round, recognising that just because we might be hearing the same thing, we might not necessaries be hearing it in the same way. By the time ‘New York Ghosts’ finds itself drawing to its close, it feels as though it might not leave, much like an insistent poltergeist, but eventually it does indeed begin to fade out, leaving a strange feeling like the residue of the music has been left behind.


By Chris Marsh

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