Mark Claytor, Uprising


Ok, all you shredders out there this new CD by Mark Claytor is custom made specifically for you. Claytor is from Kansas and is ripping it up on his latest release, Uprising and showing the world how it is done.

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It is a full instrumental from beginning to end and each song has its distinct voice of coolness. The title track Uprising, speaks to you with stern conviction. It gets your attention with a pulsing rhythm, then slaps you in the face with some finger flying riffs.

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Then there is the song called, Geographic, my personal favorite, tears it up from the very start, the drum beat kicks in and the driving axe is roaring through the speakers like a roller coaster.

But it doesn’t stop there, Groove Star Gravity is a tune that has the ability to show music can defy the laws of gravity because it is virtually impossible to stay in your seat while you are listening. Then there is a nice groovy slow down in, It Is What It Is, as he shows his softer sensitive side for us ladies. It is a romantic cool down that shows even rockers can melt your heart.

This entire CD is an excellent compliment to anyone’s collection. You do not have to be a guitar lover to appreciate the talent Mark Claytor has documented on this little piece of history. It is an awesome travel CD to keep you on the move, or if you are simply in the mood to stray from the everyday mundane, Uprising is sure to cause a stir.

I rate this 5 out of 5

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