Paul Mapstone had a vision and developed that vision into his ultimate goal. That idea has now become a mission for him. Paul was always attracted to the beauty of music at a very young age. He started playing piano at thirteen years old and has not stopped since. Realizing his inner talents he decided even then to make music a part of his life.

As he grew to a teenager he was influenced by many talented musicians. His favorites came from a wide spectrum i.e.; Guns N Roses, Metallica, Def Leopard, Cake, 311 and the Beastie Boys. But as he grew more mature his musical tastes served up a different palate. Paul’s newest influences range from Silversun Pickups to Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong.

Paul would soon learn the ins and outs of technology within the music industry. His computer skills enabled him to master Garageband along with fm8 a software that offers synthesized sounds and “Real Instrument” for real sounding instruments. This idea began in 2005 when he also started using record producer software along with a Korg Triton Le workstation. He then outsourced the vocals by enlisting vocalists through Studio Pros. All this work would give birth to his solo artist name Modern Instruments.

His music has a euro feel to it that gives you that aura of futuristic sounds to come. Paul seems to harness a deeper emotion through his music. Tracks like “Dragonheart” and “Jenny” place you on a trip through imaginary yet realistic emotions.

“I came up with the idea after thinking of the way to write and produce music through my life experiences. My music just comes out based on my mood at that time.”

Even though Paul has yet to perform his music live he prefers to offer his music through technology. He feels it is better to stay in the shadows and let the music speak for it-self.

The name “Modern Instruments” derives from the process he utilizes to create his music. With the modern advances in the way music is produced it was a fitting name since the instruments he uses are the computer and the internet.

“The way music is produced nowadays is perfect for me. I don’t like being in front of people, but I love making music. I am a Mechanical Designer and I sit at my desk all day working and designing mechanical parts and assemblies. I can go hours without talking to a single person and when I create music I treat it the same way. I design songs just like I design parts.”

Paul is always trying to evolve with the flow of technology and its various adaptations. His music is a gateway to what music may be like years from now. To keep up with his music visit – http://www.moderninstrumentsmusic.com/music

by Nick Christophers

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