Sarantos, Not Where I Want To Be


“Not Where I Want To Be” is a diverse eclectic album. Displaying a fondness for a vast variety of genres all of them viewed through a distinctly 80s filter. The earnestness of the album shines throughout its duration. From acoustic to the more dance-orientated work the pieces tend to work together to create a coherent whole of an album. What binds the piece together is a clear focus on pop accessibility that allows the pieces to linger on in the mind. Lyrically the pieces match up nicely with the low key attitude of the pieces.


The title track “Not Where I Want To Be” explores what it means to mature wondering what happened to those goals set long ago. One of the highlights of the album the vocals have a relaxed vibe to them which is nicely accompanied by the dreamy guitar work. For the flipside there is the energetic “Nothing To Hide” which is a total rush. “I Love To Love You Too” goes towards an electro-pop flavor being one of the most dance-friendly pieces. Sarantos also shows his strengths in creating ballads like “Back and Forth”. Finishing off with the western twang of “A Country Song” displays his talents in setting a mood. Slowly the piece builds up until it ends the album off on the sweetest note possible.

Saranatos perfects his craft on “Not Where I Want To Be”, an emotional album that avoids being maudlin.

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