Füneral Käb, Füneral Käb EP


Possessing a thoroughly deranged intense energy, Füneral Käb’s debut EP shows off their destroy everything mentality. Literally a rush with absolutely no stopping whatsoever the EP burns through twelve minutes like it was nothing. How they manage to maintain this level of madness throughout the five songs is doubly impressive. This is what punk rock should sound like. Full of a general “Fuck You” attitude which they display pretty much the entire time the EP is a damned blast of sound.

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/funeralkab/sets/funeral-kab-ep

“Church Maus” begins the EP with some seriously grimy riffs before it moves into full-on assault. By far the longest song it is incredibly catchy. The highlight of the collection it possesses great riffs and great dollops of noise. Virtually demanding to be played as loud as possible the song is visceral. The equally dirty jam of “Christian Sheep” barely holds it together feeling akin to a complete flash of energy. On “1717 17th Street” they move into more anxious delivery. With this nervous energy neatly embodied the jerky rhythm the song employs a sense of incredibly dark humor. The insistent guitar riffs work wonders for the piece and helps to give it a queasy uneasy feeling. For the finale of “HEY Hollywood” they open up with a super distorted bass line before barreling through. Here they use the song as a critique of celebrity culture.

Messy, distorted, and loud, Füneral Käb embodies the best of punk rock.


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