A Boston-based fashion company, UsTrendy, (home to 20,000 fashion designers and boutiques) is facilitating a revolutionary process through its website, to help democratize a sometimes top-down fashion industry. At the site, aspiring fashion designers can upload their designs for other users to view. Those users vote for their favorites, and the top-rated clothing is produced. In this way, the customers decide what is produced each season.

As UsTrendy founder Sam Sisakhti has said, “Growing up in Boston and seeing many of the struggles that friends of mine – local aspiring fashion designers – went through, coupled with the lack of viable outlets for fashion enthusiasts in Boston, prompted me to create UsTrendy.”

UsTrendy seeks to enhance the fashion scene in Boston – a city not typically associated with fashion. UsTrendy will be hosting fashion shows and events locally. The site will give local fashion design students and fashion designers a platform from which to be discovered, while allowing fashion enthusiasts to be heard. In addition, UsTrendy will provide local boutiques a new outlet to discover trends and acquire recognition.

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