They Made Monsters, Time To Breathe


Wonky and brittle, ‘Time To Breathe’ starts off airy and light but shifts almost immediately into an explosion of sound.

Hailing from Swansea, Wales, Steve Lock delivers his own brand of music as They Made Monsters.

Settling somewhere between alternative rock and hip-hop, this track from They Made Monsters is wide ranging in its range of tones. It blends squelchy dance synth sounds with blissed out keyboard pad washes to create a broad and deep soundscape. ‘Time To Breathe’ is well titled, as it gives plenty of room to manoeuvre through its female vocal led chorus and male rap sections during the course of its five minute run time. The rap is noteworthy as it’s confrontational without being aggressive, while Sharon O’Brien’s guest vocal on the chorus serves as the perfect contrast, her notes bending and swaying around the synths as they spill over the sonic horizon.

It’s on tracks like this where creativity and collaboration come together in a way that could very possibly be taking something of a risk. Ultimately, here it happens to pay off: ‘Time To Breathe’ is catchy and confident. When a track like this comes along, it leaves you with the feeling that there must be more to come, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

by Chris Marsh

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