Digital signage is the future of marketing and advertising. It is versatile, quick to update, interactive, much more interesting and attractive than static signage and can be put both outdoors and indoors. For indoor advertising, especially, digital signage has made it possible for the client to interact more directly with the brand through such applications as touch screens and the inclusion of social media. With advances in digital display technologies, future trends in the industry are sure to be exciting. For instance, facial recognition screens are becoming an increasingly popular technology for businesses to integrate into digital signage.

While digital signage sounds like a dream, it is a wonder then why it doesn’t seem to be very effective for businesses that have invested heavily in it. There may be problems with the functionality of the technology but most times, the reason businesses don’t get the best digital signage solutions is because they have not really thought through how they should use this technology to enhance their business.

As with any kind of marketing, a successful campaign is based on developing an excellent strategy. You need to think about how digital signage can be effectively applied to your specific needs rather than just getting any old cookie cutter solution. So to develop strategy, you need to ask yourself a few critical questions:

1.Who and why?
You need to have defined your target demographic before you install anything. Are you talking to passersby, customers or employees? Why are you talking to them? What would you like to communicate? You need to determine this so that your digital signage is not just about drawing attention to your brand but also about enhancing customer experience and your overall operations.

When developing content for your digital signage, you need to think social media. It does not have to be overly artistic but your content must be catchy and engaging so the people reading it can develop interest in your brand and also help build your brand’s personality. The content needs to be continually fresh so you should decide whether you want to outsource content development or hire a copywriter for your brand based on how much you want to spend.

3.Get interactive
Get people talking to you and to each other about your brand. The danger about this that there are people that could use this to damage your brand’s image so you need to create suitable filters on your page to guard against this. It is important that your clients and customers have the right to be heard but your brand also needs to be protected. Find the balance and maintain it.

Studies have shown that people tend to buy a product or a service based on reviews from other people. You can tap into this with your digital signage by including content that shows happy customers. You can put up videos, or pictures with captions to show real life examples of how your product has been used and benefited others. This way, you should be able to get more clients on board as they are convinced by other people’s testimonies.

The best digital signage is the one that works best for you. It has to be very specific to your brand and so you should not jump in until you have created a solution that is absolutely unique to your needs.

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