Flaunt is an act that can be hard to pin down. Taking its inspiration from all different waves of music, Flaunt explores various landscapes on its album CODON with hints of indie rock, dub, house, ambient and experimental sounds all rolled into one trippy experience. This is not music for the easy-listening crowd as it will spike various centers in the brain as songs go from sublime moody tones to industrial meets world rhythms. The title track “Codon” is one of the few tunes on the new album that have a more traditional song structure incorporating a contemporary beat and emotive vocals by Justin Jennings. The song itself is about identity and love: misinterpreted, misunderstood, and the act of not conforming to the norm. Additionally the song has been reworked into a beautifully brass and string filled mix with a kiss to the past by Mark Picchiotti as well as a jazzy version by 4hero now finding support at radio stations across the US. The very noir meets Hitchcock music video takes place in the desert of Arizona and is the vision of luminary filmmaker Christopher Arcella.

Flaunt “Codon (Dipped in Ecstasy)” feat. Justin Jennings

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