Boston’s Will Dailey hit a career milestone with new album National Throat that debuted in the top 20 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. National Throat, inspired by a souring relationship with Will’s former business partner, is Dailey’s first release in seven years without a major label and the first charting position of Will’s career. Dailey willingly walked away from the largest label in the world, took charge and involved his fans in a communal creative process through Pledge Music to make National Throat.

“Do I care about chart positions…not particularly,” says Dailey. “I never had to ask myself that until now though and it does feel great. I do care about great songs and tracking them. National Throat Charting in the top 20 on the Heatseekers chart for me means that that a large number of people connected to its story. That’s a huge accomplishment I shared with my fans, band, team members and even Boston. That’s what started and supported this journey of making this album a communal process. There is no such thing as DIY.”


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