Bingo and celebrities have always been synonymous. The fun and simple game doesn’t just attract the public, but a number of different celebrities too. Whether they are calling the lucky numbers or playing themselves, celebrities have often picked up their bingo dabbers and visited local bingo halls. As the game ages and changes, celebrity culture is being integrated into bingo in new and exciting ways.

Instead of relying on number bingo, the presence of word and name game bingo is becoming just as popular. Some of the most popular versions of bingo currently involve celebrity names. Players receive their unique bingo card and by either answering relevant quiz questions or simply calling out the names, the players begin to cross off their celebrity answers. You can choose a number of different themes such as female celebrities, male celebrities, singers and actors.

Since bingo’s invention in 1929, the game has evolved into multiple variations, each with gambling laws regulating how the game is played. The number version provides unlimited patterns and methods to try. Bingo also transitions seamlessly to a number of different platforms. These can include table, social media or even sports gambling platforms. Despite this, today’s culture is so heavily influenced and exposed to the lives of celebrities it is unsurprising that ‘celebrity bingo’ or ‘rockstar bingo’ is so popular.

‘Rockstar’ bingo adds an extra dimension for the players’ enjoyment. Over the sound system, the bingo caller will play a range of popular music. If the player has the artist being played on their bingo card they can cross them off one by one. This extends the game and also gives players a chance to interact and debate over the songs, making the game more challenging and entertaining.

Not everybody responds well to numbers. Often people avoid gambling and bingo games due to the never ending stream of numbers. They can find the process of the game repetitive and dull. Despite the fact that thousands enjoy the classic form of bingo, variety will ultimately encourage more people to play. Changing the game to something the audience can relate to, like celebrities and music, is a sure fire way to get new people involved.

In the UK, bingo is an international game and is loved all over the country. The presence of celebrities in the game, whether they are making a guest appearance, or appearing on the bingo cards, entertains the public and adds a more personal aspect to the game.


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