Electro duo Chron is taking Miami bass to new levels, with scorching hard beats and live vocals by Christianna, while knob twiddler and producer JDub keeps the party rockin’. Miami has been known for years as the home of bass music and Chron has wisely chosen to ride that wave while firmly placing their own stamp on the club scene. Chron and their followers, known as “Chravers”, are all about having a good time, and this is easily seen in Chron’s video for their single “Bass In Me”.

Skope: First of all, congratulations on charting in Billboard [#23 and rising], did you ever see yourselves making it this far into the mainstream?

Chron: We always dreamed and believed it was possible, but now that it’s actually happening it feels unreal!

Skope: Chron is a duo. Who are you and what do each of you do as part of Chron?

Christianna: JDub produces the music from scratch, and I write and sing the vocals for the song. However, we both help each other often. Live, we both DJ together.

Skope: Does the name have any meaning behind it? Like ‘chronic’ perhaps?

Christianna: People usually think there’s a lot of meaning behind it, but there’s really not… It’s our real names put together: Christianna & Jon. Bam!

Skope: Your single “Bass In Me” is not only burning up charts, it also helped you land a deal with Grammy nominated producer Mike Rizzo and Global Groove Entertainment. What is their role?

JDub: The whole Global Groove team is truly amazing. They do all of the Billboard and radio promotion and they are the reason that it is climbing the charts. Mike Rizzo is a promotion beast and both he and Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore are very talented producers.

CHRON – “Bass In Me”

Skope: When you came up with the song, did you just ‘know’ that it was going to be a hit? Was there a feeling that came over you or an excitement that you had about it?

Christianna: Bass In Me was actually the first EDM song we released and one of the first ones we wrote. We liked the song but had no idea that it would do so well. Needless to say, we are psyched that people love it so much.

Skope: I read that you’ll be touring later in the year, do you have anything special planned for us and will you be country-wide or doing a mini tour? Anything at all you can tell us about it?

JDub: Nothing specific to share yet. Most of the focus has been on Bass In Me’s climb. However, we do plan on touring this year and we can’t wait to get out and rock some faces off!

Skope: Aside from the single, what else is going on with Chron? Do you have any other music available for your fans and future fans?

Christianna: Besides “Bass In Me”, we have several awesome remixes of it by phenomenal producers/DJ’s. We’ve also been given the amazing opportunity to remix two songs that are out now: a remix of Gia’s “Bombs Away” and Janine Berenson’s “Strong”. As far as other original songs, we are always in the studio working on new stuff and we have a few ready to release here soon.

Skope: In the oversaturated world of EDM and Dance music, what separates Chron from the herd?

JDub: We love the EDM world and are super happy to be in it. We do, however, work hard at being different because we want to make a unique contribution. One thing that makes us different is that both of us come from very traditional musical backgrounds. I think that comes out a lot in our music. While we love to make people dance, we also love to write songs that connect with people emotionally. We really focus on our songs having a positive influence on our fans. Love is our language. Another difference we have is that we are both live performers, so while at some shows we just DJ and rock the crowd with some dance grooves, we also often have shows where Christianna sings live. We plan to incorporate other live elements to our show in the future.

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Skope: I almost feel that in today’s world, everyone literally really is a dj. How do you know who’s a good dj these days, since almost every aspect is automated? Is it more about being a great producer and songwriter?

JDub: I think being a great producer and songwriter is definitely where it’s at. EDM listeners are becoming very educated and know what they like, and being a producer allows you to provide what your listeners want no matter what!

There is something to be said for DJing though. While DJing as an art may not take as much skill (which is becoming more and more true with technology), DJing does take a lot of time and devotion. There are some great DJs out there who have never produced an original song but know exactly how to take care of a crowd. They study and analyze music and people’s reaction to it and know how to make a party great.

Skope: Where can Skope readers learn more about the world of Chron?

Chron: Our website:,,, and Twitter and Instagram @ChronMusic.

The single by Chron “Bass In Me” is blowin’ up on the charts so make sure you hear for yourself why they’re quickly rising to the top of the EDM heap! Check it out here at!

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