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Being a star in the limelight places the importance of a physical appearance in a completely new category. Stars today are inspected and judged on the way they look and act. As celebrities age, many of them turn to plastic surgery. Some stars see the advantages of fixing cosmetic problems even before they get to that regaled star designation, turning to cosmetic dental implants in Westchester CA, to perfect their smile, surgery to correct a facial blemish or crooked nose. No matter which avenue, knowing they are putting their best face forward lets them embrace their stardom with confidence. Here are a few stars you may not have realized have turned to cosmetic procedures.

Tom Cruise
This star known by his pearly whites, took steps at the beginning of his career to fix crooked, discolored teeth. Using cosmetic dentistry, Cruise had his teeth whitened, straightened and eventually chose veneers to correct a mouthful of problems. According to Glenn L. Sperbeck DDS Inc.- Health Centered Dentistry, the clear braces he used became even more popular after he used them. Today his smile radiates and has become a signature of his acting career.

Jennifer Aniston
The teen years can be devastating to a young aspiring star so when Jennifer was popped in the nose by a baseball in her youth, having surgery to correct her broken, crooked nose, was a choice she had to make. Who could imagine such a beautiful face with a crooked nose? Correction was a no-brainer for Jennifer who began acting at the young age of eleven, and felt she would be famous someday.

Ashlee Simpson
In 2006, Ashlee had rhinoplasty surgery to correct a bumpy nose. At the ripe age of 22, she felt this correction was necessary to fix an imperfection to improve her overall appearance. Although she was comfortable with her looks, giving her fans a nose that was free of bumps was a choice she felt she needed to make.

Robin Wright
Robin, who is a top star in House of Cards, does not deny that she gets Botox injections a few times throughout the year to“take the edge off” and give her face a fresh, younger appearance.

Stars turn to cosmetic practices in order to perfect their looks, hang onto their youthful appearance, and prolong their acting careers. Dedicated to enhancing their qualities to adhere to their fans expectations, they look towards many different ways such as plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry including dental implants to become and retain the image that stardom requires.

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