Stellar, Fight For Love


Positive, upbeat, and filled with sounds that will cheer you up this summer, Stellar’s latest track, ‘Fight For Love’ is one of the happiest electronic pop song’s you’ll hear today.

It’s easy to be immediately reminded of Cheryl Cole’s similarly titled ‘Fight For This Love’. That song was altogether darker in tone – Stellar’s music here is entirely different in its approach, with its blaring sirens and organs that take the track up, up, upwards towards the stratosphere. The lyrics show a sense of desire and determination; “I’m gonna fight for this love / Cos I know that it’s there / I’m gonna push a little more / Just to show that I care.” Once the second verse kicks in, the snares are hard hitting and punchy, leading into a built up chorus that features a variety of textures layered out that allow the ears to investigate the various sounds and tones that have been employed.

As this summer draws to a close all too quickly, this is a song to hold on to to keep the good times rolling and positive vibes buzzing. Get hold of it while it remains available as a free download, add it to your party playlist, and get your groove on.

By Chris Marsh

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