Simon Scardanelli, Three Dances With Sam


Simon Scardanelli creates sun-filled songs with “Three Dances With Sam”. Over the course of the three pieces Simon Scardanelli sings with great earnestness. His voice indeed is the defining feature of all three pieces. Throughout the songs he displays a simultaneous sweetness and wistful. Lovelorn the songs are gentle in their approach. Lyrical wordplay abounds throughout the collection with allusions to the nature that sounds him. With the backing instruments helping to further explore these earthy tones Simon Scardanelli is able to create a rather moving set of songs that work together to tell a narrative.


“White Water Rafting” begins the collection off on a strong note, with plenty of energy. The playing is free reflecting the associative wordplay. Lyrically the piece is incredibly intelligent with a large amount of artist references from Kandinsky to Warhol. “In Honor” takes a different approach focusing on the history of songwriting, yet again showing the relatively clever work that Simon Scardanelli creates. At times his ability to work within the genre while remaining funny is reminiscent of how Lambchop manages to find the humor within country music.

Ending on the easy-going note of “We’ll Go Home” Simon Scardanelli manages to stretch out into a full-fledged musical journey. The evolution of the song is particularly impressive. By the final moments of the song it swings into full force letting the collection end off on the perfect note. “Three Dances With Sam” is a grand collection.

By Beach Sloth

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