A Light Within, Preface (EP)


Patient, refined, with enough space for the ultimate crescendo, the three pieces on “Preface (EP)” build off of each other. Together they work to create a series of fascinating dark territories. Outside of the obvious debt to Post-Rock they have a number of particularly well selected moments. From their focus on constant change the songs each have a particular personality befitting of the overall tone of the collection. Vocal styles too remain incredibly important with the singer trying out multiple approaches to define every moment.


Extreme care is taken with the delicate opener “Page #32 (Morning)”. For this piece A Light Within controls its impulses with this conflict giving the song a particular sense of impending doom, courtesy of the deeply felt bass. Only about halfway through the song do they bring the cathartic flood of sound. Perhaps the most atmospheric song is “Page #18 (Grin)”. A Light Within experiments with a lot of different elements on this particular track, found recordings, greater amounts of space, a slower tempo, and a particularly creepy extended outro.

By far the highlight of the collection is the closer, the late 80s tinged “Page #66 (Sixes)” which has an amazingly soothing opening akin to Sonic Youth at their darkest moments. The vocals themselves are strangely appropriate similar to the shredded screamed vocals of Deafheaven. Despite the extreme levels of volume used the shadowy origin is never lost but rather amplified until it sinks into the mind.

A Light Within’s “Preface (EP)” is how Post-Rock should be.


By: Beach Sloth

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