Philip Selway is pleased to present a beautiful new video for “Coming Up For Air,” the lead track from his forthcoming sophomore solo album,Weatherhouse. The “Coming Up For Air” video, directed by acclaimed Spanish film collective NYSU, emits a supernatural sheen as it takes place on a hazy film set filled with actors who display the importance of perspective. The camera pans in to show everything may not be as it initially appears. Selway’s airy vocals, pulsating rhythms and use of reverb add to the surreal nature of the visuals which result in an intriguing sensory experience.

Commenting on the video, Selway says: “Good videos can make you rethink the song that you’ve written. They also shine a light on what makes the track tick. NYSU have made a visually rich and intriguing piece for ‘Coming Up For Air’ which stands up in its own right, yet feels in tune with the track.”

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