Winchester Revival, Eyes in the Canopy


Eyes in the Canopy is the latest four track EP from East Bay, California based band Winchester Revival. Winchester Revival is a difficult band to categorize, with a refreshing and unique sound that carries throughout Eyes in the Canopy.

The EP opens with “Chemical Yellow,” an alternative trip-rock tune that proudly displays the musical prowess of the ensemble while immediately informing the listener that they are in for something new. Track two, “Matterhorn,” slows things down a bit, keeping the musical arrangement sparse and minimalist, permitting vocalist David Rosenheim to showcase a strong storytelling ability through the potent lyrics. While the verses are subdued and subtle, the chorus of the song leaps to power, invoking a comparison to songs like Radiohead’s “Creep.” The third track, “Wonderland,” injects some energy into the EP, creating an interesting and layered song. The EP closes with the fourth track, “Submarine Bell,” an emotional song that begins with a strong, but slow, driving beat and crawls forward building momentum and potency throughout its six minute, thirteen second run time. It is an epic progressive ballad and a fun listen.

Overall, I found Eyes in the Canopy to be an enjoyable offering from Winchester Revival. If you are in the mood for something new, different, and a cut above radio rock, I would highly recommend giving this EP a shot. I give Eyes in the Canopy eight out of ten stars.



by Travis Legge

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