Antoine is hitting the scene and is building his career one song at a time. His soulful melodies come across smooth and vibrant, unleashing true raw emotions in every beat. Straight from Poughkeepsie, New York he is ready to take on the world.

Each track is defined by catchy hooky lyrics and foot tapping rhythms that take over and consume your very being. His voice is suave and executes his sentiment without any doubts. His sincerity is real and comes straight from the heart. My two favorite tracks are, No One and Too Bad simply because I cannot stop listening to them and enjoy it a little more each time they play.

That same sincerity spills into each instrument to produce a happy marriage of his words and music. He has a cool R&B cadence that accomplishes exactly what this genre is meant to do, make you dance and be one with the music. From his slow ballads to the up tempo grooves every song is catchy and addictive.

Antoine is new on the scene and may be a little green but you cannot tell from this effort. He is a talent in his own right and he is winning fans worldwide. He certainly won a new fan in me. It cannot be helped, no matter the attitude you go in with you will walk away with a satisfied smile from cheek to cheek. Check out Antione R&B it is a fresh exceptional sound made to please and is a total success in my opinion.

I rate this 4 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking – –

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