D.Z tha DoK, A Souljah’s Ambition


D.Z tha DoK’s latest mixtape lays down tight beats and confident rhymes, with a narrative approach and a sense of direction all the way.


Opening with ‘Combative Soul’, the military imagery is immediately present, with a beat that creates the sense of marching onwards to fight a noble battle. Lyrically the track calls into question the stereotyping of black rappers, challenging the ideas that continue to hold fast and laying out the idea that there must be more to rap than empty attitude. ‘Here We Go’ keeps things going with D.Z tha DoK’s trademark flow, and throws in some dark and moody bells that chime along with the rhymes, while ‘How Lame’ sets out a clear challenge to all those haters and fakers, stating that taking the time to hate on others is a waste of energy that would be better put to use in more creative ways. ‘Goin Crazy’ uses a softer pad in the background, and features a woozy beat that creates a dreamy backdrop for a tight and fluid flow, while ‘Never Stop’ puts a layer of distortion on the vocal to create a crunchy aesthetic on the chorus section with its refrain “I’ll never stop rapping”. Closing with ‘Rainy Nights’, things are made rich and creative though the use of native language and a plodding bass beat that perfectly simulates the impression of the drip-drip-drip of rain falling on the porch.

By Chris Marsh

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