Basic is a songwriter and guitarist based in the U.K. and presumably serving his country based on his army attire in a few photos shared via Google +. The name sums up the multilayered and textured murkiness that abounds in this throwback to noisy 90’s guitar chants. It’s basic in that the song structure doesn’t change much throughout, but what it makes up for is something that has been missing in modern music for a while, soul and contemplation. It’s music that’s driving and melodic [sorry shredders, nothing to see here] but intense and searing with big reverb and delays paving the way from one song to the next. It’s loud and easy to get lost in. Almost psychedelic in that Monster Magnet way, but it’s instrumental, using the guitar as the voice and lead component.

Skope: How long have you been playing guitar? I hear alot of 90’s influences.

Basic: Coming up 20 years! Mostly self taught. Had a few lessons to learn basics. Started off learning Oasis tracks, so thats where the 90’s influence comes from.

Skope: Who are some of your favorite guitarists and how have they been an influence on your sound?

Basic: A long list could follow so I’ll do my best to keep it short. First, Steve Vai. His track “for the love of god” still inspires me today after 25 years. Jimi Hendrix, my favourite track being “voodoo chile”. Both of these inspired me, the freedom in which they play is my biggest influence.Being in the army surrounded by rules, it’s good to break out somehow. With me, its my music.

Skope: Do you play the other instruments on your songs?

Basic: Not live. I’ve learned how to do music programming about 10 years ago but still learning and not afraid to try.

Skope: Where are you from in the U.K. and how has that affected your songwriting?

Basic: I was born in Bristol. Got into all the sorts of things kids shouldn’t! But I say I learned more out of school then in. Some traumatic experiences as well, but I believe that’s what give’s my music “GUTS”.

Skope: Do you perform live? What’s the live music scene like over there?

Basic: No live stuff. I have to figure out a way of synching everything. Live music here is awesome, so many venue’s, especially in Bristol.

Skope: It’s exciting to hear this type of music, especially since the universal takeover of modern edm, what do you think the future of music going to take us?

Basic: With all the technology and social networks available, I’m excited about the artist that now have more opportunities for exposure than ever before. You can never tell what someone in their bedroom is gonna come up with, just like me!

Skope: Speaking of edm, do you experiment with electronic music at all or do you keep things relatively pure?

Basic: I’m a big fan of bands like 65daysofstatic who blend the electronic with rock beautifully. I can only aspire to have that ability. Definitely I have tried, but the guitar takes over!

Skope: If you could say you have a favorite song that you’ve recorded for us to hear, which one would it be and why?

Basic: My favourite song is always the last song I recorded! This being Valentine Ft RaR charm.

Skope: You have a track titled “it only rains when clouds are grey”. Is it pretty much grey skies year round in the U.K.? I live in sunny Florida, US and sometimes it will rain even when the sun is shining. It’s very odd compared to other places I’ve lived. Anyway…

Basic: Well the title is a metaphor! Simply meaning if you look at things with a negative attitude things will be negative. As for UK weather, it’s just a bit random. But in the army we say there’s no such as bad weather, just bad dress.

Skope: So what are your plans with your tunes? Are you planning on putting out anything via BandCamp or iTunes or doing an album? Where can we get our hands on the goods man?

Basic: All my songs are available for download on soundcloud, I’m not in this for money or commercial success (which I know sounds wrong). I just want to share my music with those that will enjoy it. The best reward in life is being able to give!

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