Lovesick Saints, Dia De Los Muertos


Blasting out ballsy punk rock tinged with hints of dirty southern blues, Lovesick Saints’ Dia De Los Muertos EP is a hook-laden set of punchy tunes. Opening with ‘One Foot In The Grave’, Lovesick Saint’ style is immediately made clear, with their growling guitars and Green Day style vocals. The guitar work even has hints of Murmur era R.E.M., which was very much responding to the punk movement of the time and reinventing it with Southern sensibilities.

“War Story”

‘War Story’ is even closer to Green Day in its style, with chugging guitars and sneering vocals that are dragged along at breakneck speed by the military drums, while ‘Sick and Broken’ leans towards a Pixies style bassline that leads in to melodic punk rock that by this point is the band’s signature sound.

Full EP here:

‘This Ain’t It’ is energetic, spunky, and uplifting, with a chord sequence that opens the track with optimism, while echo drenched drums open for ‘Empty’, a sad country influenced piece that makes good use of a strained, weeping guitar solo that will cause your heart to ache. Closing with title track, ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ is a high speed instrumental that moves back into the punk rock saddle, leaning ever so slightly towards some hair metal guitarwork, and concluding a fun punk rock ride.

By Chris Marsh

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