Born and raised in Mississauga, Canada as Keandra Shan Lal, which means “inspirational writer” in French/Indian, Kiki blossomed into her birth name quickly as a singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter and eventually led to her working with top producers on her upcoming debut self-titled EP, out later this year.

Kiki Rowe (her nickname which she adopted since childhood) displayed strong promise first as a prodigious poet as a high school freshman, then as a pianist when she won first place in Ontario’s Conservatory of Music for Best Piano Composition in 2009.  After writing more songs and performing around the Toronto area with local DJs and artists, Kiki gradually built a solid reputation as an artist to work with.  She attracted a strong local following with the release of three original songs, including “Break My Heart” for which she produced a music video which garnered over 20,000 YouTube views organically with no promotion.

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